Kylie Jenner Calls Rumours About Bruce Jenner Paternity 'Bullsh*t'

The 15 year-old let rips on the tabloid gossip in a 20 part twitter rant

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The Kardashian-Jenners have had their fair share of rumours in the media this month, with reports that mum Kris abused her chidren and that Khloe's marriage to basketballer Lamar Odom was falling apart.

So surprise, surpise, another rumour about the family was printed this week claiming that Bruce Jenner was not the biological father of Kylie Jenner.

In order to get rid ofthe gossip the youngest member of the reality family hit out on reports that Bruce wasn't her father.

She tweeted: It sickens me how editors of a magazine can proudly write a story denying that a 15 year olds father is actually hers."

Kylie carried on saying: "Yes, my father is my father and no my parents aren't getting a divorce. You guys can't believe any of these magazines.. It's all bullsh*t."

Kris and Bruce's daughter was obviously in a mood to clear up more than one story on twitter; she even touched on the state of her parents' marriage via the social networking site.

"The divorce stories are getting old. You will all realize in a few months from now my parents are still together lol."

The reality star continued to vent adding: "wait.. but you're ACTUALLY pathetic.. going after a 15 year old and telling her her father isn't her father.. like WHAT? are you insane?"

Big sister Kourtney Kardashian was extremely proud to see her youngest sibling stick up for herself tweeting:

"That was some rant @KylieJenner but I just want to say that I am proud and honored to have you as my sister. What a well spoken young lady!"

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