'She's Going To Look Better Than Ever After Pregnancy' Kim Kardashian's Personal Trainer Reveals Work Out Plan

Trainer to the stars Tracy Anderson says Kim is staying fit

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Celebrity fitness expert Tracy Anderson has revealed how she's been helping one of her most famous clients, Kim Kardashian, stay in shape during pregnancy.

Anderson is the woman who has helped stars like Gwyneth Paltrow keep trim and now she's turned her attentions to Kim who is around four months pregnant with her first child. Kim enlisted the help of Tracy after apparently worrying about piling on the pounds during her pregnancy, but the trainer thinks Kim has everything under control.

Tracy says Kim will have no problem regaining her pre-pregnancy bod because she is already in amazing shape, telling HollywoodLife.com: "I know she will. She's so young, and she's got me helping her, so she's going to look better after pregnancy than she's ever looked. I guarantee it."

"'It's so important that once the doctor releases you to start working out again."

Keeping fit: Kim Kardashian after one of her regular work outs (JP/JFX Images/WENN)

Tracy revealed that she has devised a special workout plan to keep Kim healthy during her pregnancy: "Because she's Kim Kardashian, I am able to pay more attention to her workout, so I check in with her all the time, and she is doing amazing."

"She's following the pregnancy project, and she is doing a great job. She's fun, she really likes the muscular structure. She doesn't love to do the dance part, but she's a really smart girl and she knows that you're going to get out what you put in."

"She's got like a very iconic sexy body, she's not somebody that I would want to take her amazing curves and turn it into something emaciated. She's such a hot girl so it's like, let's keep that body like that!"

Alongside the workouts with Tracy, Kim has allowed herself to indulge in some of her favourite tweets. She posted a photo of one of her "favourite" snacks a McDonalds McGriddle on Friday, but was quick to insist she only took "one bite" of the calorie-laden treat, keep it up Kim!

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