Shots, Cocktails And Strippers: Harry Styles Joined By Niall Horan For Birthday Bash

One Direction hunk partied until 6am with celeb pals as he turned 19

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Harry Styles might be known as a ladies man, but the teenager was left red-faced by a stripper surprise at his birthday last week, during a night out in East London with his crew of celeb mates.

Nick Grimshaw, Pixie Geldof and TV Presenrer Miquita Oliver were amongst guests at the celeb packed party and who also saw the curly haired cutie turn red-faced as the lovely lady began dancing on him and discarding her clothes.

An insider told The Mirror: “Harry was very embarrassed. He was really surprised when she turned up. When she pulled him into her chest he was bright red. But he chatted to her as she sat with him for a while afterwards.”

The group reportedly sunk around 99 frozen Margaritas, 10 Jägerbombs and along with copious amounts of wine racking up a bar tab of £2,000 in one night spot before moving onto Dalston club Alibi where the One Direction babe spent a further £3,500 on drinks for his party posse. With all the booze flowing the group reportedly enjoyed Harry's surprise guest, who hit it off with Irish hunk and fellow 1D star Niall Horan.

Niall: Was more interested in the stripper (apparently) (WENN)

Speaking of the dance an insider told the paper: “It lasted about 10 minutes but the girl stayed after the dance and chatted to guests,”

“She took her clothes of but kept her bra and pants on. There were lots of party poppers being let off. They wanted to embarrass him. It wasn’t meant to be a sexy thing... it was just for fun. Niall had his arm around the stripper at one point and was talking to her before she left.

“He was taking more of an interest in her. Originally the stripper was going to take all her clothes off but we didn’t want that to happen. We didn’t think it was right so we only agreed if they promised she wouldn’t get fully nude. That was part of the agreement. We would have chucked them out had she got naked.”

Wow, we can't believe it was Niall not Harry who was more interested in the stripper especially with his reputation, but it sounds like party animal Harry maybe maturing.

The insider went on: “Everyone ­behaved themselves. When Harry went to the toilet at Rita’s he had to go through the whole bar so there were lots of girls coming up to him and asking him for photos. “He was happy to do that and he had a picture taken with the staff.”


Harry looks wobbly on his feet on birthday night out (WENN)

Despite a recent break-up with Taylor Swift a close friend of Harry said he was definitely in the mood to be footloose and fancy free with the 'Kiss You' star partying until 6am.

“He was still enjoying himself until about six in the morning,” the insider claimed.

“But he event­ually came over all tired. He fell asleep on the sofa at the party and got some well-earned rest. He certainly made the most of celebrating his birthday. But I expect he has a bit of a sore head today. For a 19th party they were no ­trouble. Everyone was drinking and being happy but they were well-behaved.”

They added: “He was really, really happy. He was open and was happy to chat to anyone who wanted to. He was quite a lot more drunk at ­The Alibi but he had been drinking for a few more hours by that point.”

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