From Justin Timberlake to Harry Styles: Celebs Went Super Bowl And Beyonce Crazy

Some of the reactions to the Super Bowl and the very special half time show

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The game may have been called off after a major power cut affected half the stadium but it sounds like most people didn't care that much since it happened after the explosive half time entertainment from Beyonce and Destiny's Child. Celebs took to Twitter to chat about it and it sounds like the pop diva stole the show.

One of the multitude of Beyonce's famous fans was Justin Timberlake. Recently back in the music game, the 'Suit and Tie' singer posted to Twitter, "Yes, B. Yes. Roasted that... #KINGBEY" (sic). And he wasn't the only one. Demi Lovato loved Queen B's performance so much she tweeted three times!

"Good GOD Beyonce is one of the greatest performers to have ever walked this planet.. She's KILLING IT!!!!!" (sic)

"I just really don't think Beyonce is human... Also YAY for Destiny's Child!" "Y'all can keep watching the game but I think it's safe to say Beyonce just won the Super Bowl." (sic)

Of course Beyonce was also joined by Destiny's Child members, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams and there was a lot of love for the girl band reunion. Frank Ocean posted to the social site, "destinys child super bowl swaggin" (sic).

Did Destiny's Child blow a fuse? (Wenn)

Actor and singer, Jamie Foxx also shared his appreciation: "Thrilled 2 C @beyonce + @destinyschild doing their thing again! You feel me?" (sic).

The girls also got some serious Twitter respect from fellow songstress Alicia Keys who wrote, "Beautiful note from @beyonce!! Big Love 2 @KELLYROWLAND & @realmichelleW 1 of my Favorite parts of the show!!! Still on 10!! #SB47 ;-)" (sic).

It sounded like a family affair in the Kardashian house with Khloe, Kim and Kylie all tweeting about the show. Khloe tweeted her thoughts on the Beyonce smash as it happened writing, "Queen Beyonce, shut it down, I don't think you are ready, Don't hurt em B".

Kim's apparently been told by Kanye to take it easy (Wenn)

Kim got involved in the action posting, "OMG Beyonce killed it!!! And when Destiny's Child came out...that made my life! #Bootylicious" (sic)

Following up with: "I heard there was this little football game at the Beyonce concert today.... Is that true? #BeyonceBowl"

Kylie Jenner joked with sister Khloe, making reference to the game stopping power outage: "khloe did you try to eat the power chord at the super bowl again?"

One Direction singers Niall Horan and Harry Styles were also some of the stars watching the game, and were some of the few tweeting about the Super Bowl rather than 'Beyonce Bowl'.

Harry was out celebrating his 19th birthday this week (Wenn)

Niall posted, "Who do I follow in superbowl tonight american fans? 49ers or ravens? I don't know much about american football"

While Harry simply wrote, "Super Bowl tonight. @gabeturner73 LADS"

He may be a lad, but we're sure he was dancing along at half time with the rest of them!

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