Lindsay Lohan Left 'Completely Clueless' Over $150,000 Attorney Fees Debt

Apparently the actress has been left in the dark when it comes to some things

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Lindsay Lohan hasn't been having the best time lately, but it seems like the actress may be kept in the dark when it comes to some of her misfortune, with the star said to have been 'clueless' until a few days ago that she owed attorney Shawn Holley $150,000 in fees.

According to TMZ, L.Lo is telling friends that she didn't have a clue that she owed so much in attorney's fees, but the website now state that she's putting Shawn at the top of her creditor's list.

Sources 'familiar' to the situation have told the publication that Lindsay owes around $150,000. Ouch!

It's also been said that Lindsay has 'instructed her business manager to pay back the tab as soon as possible,' however she's reportedly been spending like an insane woman, buying first class plane tickets, expensive hotels, restaurants, clothes etc.

However, now the 'Mean Girls' star is saying that she's willing to cut back until Shawn gets paid.

Lindsay Lohan was apparently 'clueless' that she owed so much in attorney's fees (Photo: WENN)

In the meantime, just when we thought Lindsay Lohan's court appearances were finally coming to an end, it's been revealed that the 'Georgia Rule' actress is suing her OWN clothing label partners for a whopping $1.1million, amid recent claims that the actress is well and truly broke.

The red-headed actress filed the lawsuit, accusing the collection '6126' of fraud, trademark infringement and breach of contract, the New York Daily News reports.

Lohan claims the southern California-based apparel company that licensed her 6126 Collection as part of a five-year celebrity clothing deal has defaulted on $900,000 in guaranteed minimum royalties plus 10% of net sales.

"They owe us a million dollars. We're suing to force them to pay," Lohan's civil lawyer Perry C. Wander told the publication.

"The agreement did not have a morals clause, and Lindsay Lohan had no responsibility to promote the line, so there's no defense for their actions," he said.

"They're trying to insert those as a defense, but they weren't part of this deal."

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