Dancing On Ice Star Gareth Thomas: 'I Look Like A Giant Lime Covered In Diamonds'

The Welsh rugby star opens up about his time on the show...

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Dancing On Ice Star Gareth Thomas: 'I Look Like A Giant Lime Covered In Diamonds'
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Gareth Thomas is far from the rugby pitch now as he spends his time competing on Dancing On Ice, dressed in sequins and sparkles. It wasn't the easiest transition for the Welsh rugby player but he confesses that he is loving it.

Appearing on Dancing On Ice, Gareth is far from his previous rough and tumble days as a rugby player. He has taken part in ballet lessons and is dressed head to toe in sparkle for his performances. According to The Sun he spoke of his first reaction to the outfits: “The first time I wore one of the outfits, I looked in the mirror and thought, ‘I look like a giant lime covered in diamonds’."

However, the muscular sportsman is starting to get used to the glamour, and understands the importance of the costumes, saying: "When you enter this world of dancing and skating, you realise it’s about the whole performance...The music, the outfits, the sparkles — they’re as important as the skating." We certainly love the sparkles!

According to The Sun he continued by saying: “I never thought in my life I would be wearing leather pants with studs on and sparkles everywhere...But actually now I look at myself and think, ‘I feel like the dog’s b******s right now.’” We think you look great too Gareth!

Mickey Rourke is set to play Gareth in a film of his life (Photo: WENN)

Gareth has made it through to next week's show, and will compete against the other six remaining celebrities on Sunday night. Although, the ex-rugby player's time on the show has not always run smoothly. He recently got an infection in his foot, which led to it swelling like a balloon. Even so, he made it through his solo performance very well last night.

Gareth, who came out as gay three years ago, joked about the skating, saying: “I’ve never grabbed more boobs in my life...When I’m lifting her I just grab for anything in front of me and you don’t always get your hands in the right place." Oops!

With so many rehearsals leading up to the show, there have been a few positive effects on Gareth's physique. According to The Sun, he said: “My ass has changed shape — I’ve got a skater’s ass now...You use your bum a lot. It gets rock hard. It’s like two chestnuts.” Perhaps we should get ourselves down to the ice rink too.

The rugby star has many exciting things coming up in his life, besides Dancing On Ice. His new fitness DVD is out on the shelves now, with some of the profits going to Life Music Foundation - a charity which provides music lessons for disadvantaged children.

He has had some help from famous friends, including Mickey Rourke who is soon to start filming a movie based on the life of Gareth. Gareth spoke of the film, saying: “Everyone knows the story but nobody really understands it...Mickey was the first person I opened up to.”

He admirably went on to say: “I hope people might take inspiration from my story...It’s not just about the sporting world and being gay...It’s about this great journey that can happen to anyone in any walk of life.”

We wish Gareth the best of luck, and will be rooting for him on the ice next week!

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