The One Direction Effect: Vanilla Ice Admits He's A Fan

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90’s rapper Vanilla Ice has admitted that he loves One Direction claiming “Love ’em. Heck yeah. No shame in my game.”

Vanilla Ice, who became famous from the hit ‘Ice Ice Baby’, admitted to Celebuzz that he enjoyed all kinds of music, even the British pop band.

Speaking on the topic he said, “I like all kinds of music. I’m not some kind of hip hop dude that is just so bitter at everything. I’m open to all kinds of music. I’m simplified now. I used to dissect it and… take it too serious and too deep.”

After admitting that he likes the teen sensations known for catchy hits such as ‘Kiss You’, Ice isn't ashamed about his confession stating, "I learned that a great song is just simply a great song. I don’t care how great your lyrics are…I don’t care about who, what or anything else. It’s either a great song or it’s not.”

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The boys have been getting into a spot of trouble recently, with Zayn Malik the centre of cheating claims on Little Mix star and girlfriend Perrrie Edwards, whilst Harry Styles was pictured getting up close and personal with a stripper on his 19th birthday recently.

Despite this it seems as though the rapper believes One Direction are here to stay admitting that he missed the era of the boy bands.

“The boy bands are back, man, with a vengeance. And they owe it to One Direction. Because it was dead in the water until One Direction came back. And then they were like, well what about 98 Degrees? Or what about N’ Sync? Or what about Backstreet Boys?”

We wonder who his favorite member is? Harry Styles perhaps?

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