Tony Parker 'Using Chris Brown & Frank Ocean's Fight As Evidence In Drake Club Brawl Case'

The basketball star is planning on using the incident as evidence of Chris' violence

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San Antonio Spurs player Tony Parker is allegedly planning on using Chris Brown's fight with Frank Ocean as evidence in his lawsuit in the singer's previous brawl with Drake at a New York nightclub last year.

The basketball player, and former husband of Eva Longoria, suffered an eye injury at the W.i.P nightclub in NYC last June where he was partying when a fight broke out between Chris Brown and Drake and their two entourages.

Tony Parker is hoping to win a $20 million lawsuit against NYC's W.i.P nightclub (KCSPresse / Splash News)

As a result of his injury, which caused him to miss several games and training sessions to recover, Tony filed a $20 million lawsuit against the nightclub claiming Chris and Drake shouldn't have been allowed in the club.

Last weekend, 'Don't Judge Me' singer Chris and Ocean got into an altercation in the parking lot of a recording studio, which was allegedly initiated by Breezy.

According to TMZ, Tony has filed new legal documents in which he claims Chris' brawl with the Channel Orange singer is “proof he's unfit to socialise in places where he's likely to fly off the handle.”

Chris Brown is apparently 'unfit to socialise' in certain situations (WENN)

Tony, 30, has also made reference to Chris' assault on his on/off girlfriend in Rihanna in 2009, as further evidence of his violent nature.

The website reports: “Tony believes there was more than enough evidence on the table to deny Chris a table at W.i.P. on the violent night in question.”

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