'It Was Her Moment': Jay-Z 'Refused To Perform With Beyonce At Super Bowl'

Hova knows exactly when to allow the wifey to enjoy the spotlight

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In case you were wondering why Jay-Z didn't join his wife Beyonce on stage at the Super Bowl on Sunday, the rapper reportedly wanted to allow the diva to enjoy the momentous occasion and didn't want to take anything away from “her moment” in the spotlight.

'Run The World (Girls)' star Beyonce headlined the Super Bowl half time show on Sunday at the Superdome in New Orleans, where she was joined by her Destiny's Child bandmates Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams on stage.

Jay-Z chose not to perform with Beyonce at the last minute (Jackson Lee / Splash News)

However, fans were surprised to find that Bey's husband Jay-Z didn't join her during their smash hit, 'Crazy In Love,' which she performed at the beginning of her 12-minute set. Insiders say that Jay-Z changed his mind to appear at the last minute as he wanted Bey to revel in her incredible feat.

“He wanted that to be her moment and didn’t want to take away from it,” a friend of the couple's told Us Weekly. “She had been working her a** off.”

Instead, Jay-Z watched the set from the comfort of the special area designated for Bey's family and friends, including their one-year-old daughter Blue Ivy.

Speaking about her performance, Beyonce says she is extremely proud of herself and also Alicia Keys and Jennifer Hudson who also sang during the NFL sports event.

“It really was a magnificent night for me and the girls? I felt like Alicia and Jennifer Hudson were so classy and beautiful. It was a great night to be a woman and an African-American woman," Beyonce gushed to Extra.

Jay-Z wasn't the only person changing their mind before Beyonce took to the stage - the singer and her DC bandmates decided to change the setlist of their medley shortly before they performed.

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