'It's Just Some Bull****': Kanye West Is Not Dumping Kim Kardashian To Move To Europe

The rapper is NOT breaking up with the mother of his child

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The couple are expecting their first child together and look super loved up whenever they're spotted out, but that didn't dissuade the rumour mill to churn out the allegation that Kanye West was going to dump Keeping Up With The Kardashians beauty, Kim Kardashian.

It was claimed by gossip site MediaTakeOut that the rapper was going to end his relationship with Kimmy, who will be giving birth to their child in July, and move to Europe to concentrate on his music.

Kimye are NOT heading for splittsville! (WENN)

Thankfully, however, the rumour has been slammed as "bull****" when an insider told HollywoodLife:

"That s**t ain’t even true. Kanye is not going to leave Kim anytime soon. Please, it’s just some stupid a** bogus bulls**t people trying to talk about now.

"That’s just way out of the question and stupid. I don’t even want to talk about that because it’s so fake.”

The speculation surrounding Kanye's trip to Abu Dhabi without Kim was also put to rest as the source insisted that the decision for Kim to stay in America was made with her well being in mind.

"Kim is pregnant, doing what she has to do to be healthy and that type of s**t", the source commented, before adding: "They both don’t want her flying long distances and be away for too long from her doctors and s**t. It’s about keeping her Kim healthy and making sure she’s cool and taking care of that baby she carrying.”

Meanwhile, Kim's divorce battle with Kris Humphries has showed no signs of ending after the basketball player is thought to have accused the star of using her pregnancy to speed up the divorce proceedings, according to TMZ.

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