'Her Face Is Hideous': Lil Kim Shocks Fans With Extent Of Plastic Surgery After Stepping Out In LA

The rapper's face has dramatically transformed over the years

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It's no secret that Lil Kim has had plastic surgery on her face and possibly other areas of her body, but the pint-sized rapper may have taken it too far after stepping out in Los Angeles last weekend with an unrecognisable face.

The 'Put Your Lighters Up' rapper was spotted out and about in West Hollywood earlier this week after filming a new music video with Miley Cyrus, but a stark difference was noticeable with Lil Kim's face, which looked slightly strained possibly due to the extensive surgery she has had over the years.

This is how Lil Kim looked when she stepped out in West Hollywood this week (Winston Burris/WENN.com)

Fans have been left shocked with the change in Kim's features, even likening her to Michael Jackson who also endured extensive surgery on his face.

@UncleTimi tweeted: “Lil kim looks like an alien.” ‏

@claudiawimpenny added: “Lil Kim's looking more like Michael Jackson by the day, thanks for bringing this to my attention @LuceGlover.”

@MsLeanneJones said: “Those pictures of how much Lil Kim has changed are quite disturbing.”

Meanwhile, @KillCole hasn't been too surprised by the change, noting that Kim hasn't looked like herself for years, tweeting: “Lots of people have been taalking about Lil Kim's face today. Why? How have people not realised how busted she is before now?”

Kim last addressed her plastic surgery last year in an interview with Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club, but got offended when quizzed about the subject, saying: “Why would you ask me that.”

Lil Kim before the surgery in (Chris Connor / WENN)

What are your thoughts on Kim's face? Has she gone too far? Vote in the poll below and also check out other tweets from the rapper's stunned fans...

@OmarTaylorGang : "Lil Kim WAS so pretty"

@Didiersno1fan: "Where did Lil Kim get it wrong?"

@Josianeox : "Naaaaah RT I need to put it out there Lil Kim looks CLAPPED UGLY HIDEOUS HORRIFIC all of the fricking above. What is up with her face."

@jaesmiles82 : "Rip lil kim face! Ohene ‏"

@lmohenexo : "So um...Lil' Kim. What the faaaaaaack have you done to yourself!? #notright #isthislife"

@NeecieyLondon: "Lil Kim will never ever stop the surgery will she lol"

Check out more pictures from Lil Kim's video shoot with Miley Cyrus below...

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Miley Cyrus shows off toned tum at Lil Kim & Tiffany Foxx music video shoot, Feb 2 (Photos: WENN)