Is Katie Holmes Taking Career Advice From Suri Cruise?

Sources claim Suri has convinced Katie to sign up for Dancing With the Stars...

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Suri Cruise has supposedly been busily convincing mother Katie Holmes to take part in Dancing With the Stars - and, if sources are to be believed (they're not), it seems as if Katie has decided to follow her six year old daughter's career advice.

According to the National Enquirer, Katie Holmes has been persuaded by her and Tom Cruise's young daughter Suri to take part in the hit celebrity talent show - and is hoping it could be the perfect way to rejuvenate her career.

“Insiders say it may be the perfect vehicle to super-charge Katie’s career, which has been in a tailspin since her August divorce from Tom Cruise.”

So what was it that convinced savvy Suri that Dancing With The Stars would be the perfect career move for her famous mom?

"Mom, have you ever thought about reality television?" - Suri supposedly convinced mother Katie Holmes to try out for Dancing With the Stars

February 6 2013 (Splash News)

“Katie and Suri are huge fans of ‘Dancing’ and watch it every week. They’ve really bonded as mother and daughter over the show and dance in general.”

“Suri has been prodding her mom to join the series [and] Katie figures if she doesn’t manage to land a spot on the upcoming season, she’ll try for the next.”

“After going through her stressful divorce, competing on the show would be like therapy for her and it will keep Suri entertained at the same time.”

“She feels that a stint on Dancing would charm the public and kick-start her showbiz career.”

While we would love to see Katie Holmes try her hand (or should that be foot?) at the tango - not to mention believe that daughter Suri Cruise is the real mastermind behind Holmes' career -it seems as if these rumours are just that. Rumours.

A rep for the actress has informed Gossip Cop that the story is “one thousand percent, without a doubt, untrue.”

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