Vampire Diaries Nina Dobrev Teases 'Something Pretty Tragic And Terrible' Will Happen In The New Series

The star has said it will be 'show changing'

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As the new season of The Vampire Diaries prepares to return to our screens, actress Nina Dobrev has teased that the new season is going to be dealing out a few shocks to viewers.

The star, who plays Elena on the Vampire series, hinted that "something pretty tragic" will be taking place amongst the characters on the show including her off screen beau Ian Somenhalder who plays Damon.

Nina told E! Online: "Something happens in the near future, something pretty tragic and terrible and kind of show changing.

"It's going to really affect every single person. It's going to especially affect Damon, Elena and Stefan in a pretty crazy, controversial way."

Nina added: "The whole show is going to shift. It's going to be explosive."

Oh we can't wait!

Nina poses with Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley (WENN)

Whilst Nina is looking forward to the new season, the star wasn't too happy at a Super Bowl party held by DirecTV, when she reportedly broke down in tears when "someone yelled at her", according to Us Weekly.

Meanwhile executive producer Julie Plec has revealed the show could last up to ten series. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Plec said: "[Co-exec] Kevin Williamson and I, early in season 2 in fact, came up with the way we see the series ending."

She continued: "I think the question in a show like The Vampire Diaries is really how Damon, Elena, and Stefan's journey ends. We know how we want Elena's journey to end as it relates to both her character and her relationship with the two brothers, and how we want the brothers' relationship with each other to end."