Sarah Silverman: Ryan Phillippe Punched Me But It Was My Fault

'Wreck-It-Ralph star talks about...erm... getting punched in the face

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Comedienne Sarah Silverman is known for being pretty outspoken, and ahead of the release of her new movie 'Wreck-It-Ralph' the star revealed that she once was punched by Reese Witherspoon's ex Ryan Phillippe.

The star thought it was her fault however, as it was in a fight sequence gone wrong on the set of 'In The Way of the Gun', rather than due to ungallant behaviour on the 'Cruel Intentions' star's part.

Silverman told The Guardian: " I've been punched in the face three times. You don't do what I do and have zero consequences. There are risks involved."

Sarah Silverman: still likes green things (Photo: WENN/Andres Otero)

The first occasion was when the star told how she got inbetween some unruly teens and a man in a chicken suit before getting punched, while she described the unfortunate Phillipe incident saying: "The second time was an accident and I do believe it was my fault. I was shooting a fight sequence with Ryan Phillippe  and I leaned in when I shouldn't have leaned in. He knocked me right off my feet, leaving me with a huge egg on my jaw."

The final time actually sounds pretty weird, with a bewildered chap with a Hulk fist punching Silverman for no apparent reason before being hauled away by security guards.

That hasn't put Sarah off green things however, as she revealed in the interview that she holds a special place in her heart for Kermit the Frog, saying: "Kermit is like my personal Jesus. I just love him so much. If you really listen to Rainbow Connection or It's not Easy being Green, those lyrics are so unbelievably profound, heartbreaking and beautiful."