'He Will Be Around For A While Yet': Matt Smith's Doctor Who Exit Rumours Dismissed?

Fans feared that Matt's decision to appear in a movie meant he was going to leave the show

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Fans of Doctor Who can take a breather as the BBC have dismissed the claims that Matt Smith's decision to star in a movie, is the start of his exit from the show and his portrayal of the iconic Time Lord.

Following the news that Matt will star in 'How To Catch A Monster', directed by Ryan Gosling, the BBC have insisted that Matt's decision to move to America for the movie is a result of him taking time out the show's filming schedule.

According to the Mirror, a spokesperson for the BBC, said:

"As in previous years Matt is taking advantage of a gap in the Doctor Who production schedule to take on another project. It’s the 50th year of Doctor Who and Matt is committed to the show. He will be around for a while yet.”

Matt will continue to play the Doctor for a while yet (WENN)


Whilst Matt might not be leaving anytime soon, the actor has spoken about how long he will play the role for, in a interview with Empire magazine last year, Matt admitted that he didn't want ot burn out.

He said: "I don’t think you can sustain it. Tom Baker did it in different circumstances. I couldn’t do this for seven years. I’d be run into the ground. I don’t think you can sustain it.

“And your life outside of it is ... I don’t know. I hope I don’t sound too ­pessimistic. It’s just I don’t think my body or my life or the people around me could sustain it.”

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