Don't F**k With My Lovelife!' Miley Cyrus Slams Perez Hilton Over Ed Westwick Rumours

Star is happily engaged to Liam Hemsworth

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Miley Cyrus is not one to shy away from speaking her mind and now the star has lashed out at reports from earlier this week that claimed she was secretly meeting Gossip Girl star Ed Westwick.

An article published by US gossip site Perez Hilton yesterday (February 8) claimed Miley was meeting up with Ed behind fiance Liam Hemsworth's back. A quote from the article seems to accuse Miley of swapping long-term love Liam for gorgeous Ed:

"Did the Mileybird just up and decide it was time to bounce on fiance Liam Hemsworth?? We mean, we JUST heard about the sweet idea of Miliam cementing their love with custom-designed wedding rings. So then… WTF is up with these pics of her and Ed Westwick!?!"

Unsurprisingly Mily took offence to comments like this and was soon taking to twitter to slam the rumours, writing "hope you find love one day but can you not f**k with mine. I've never been with Ed W in my life. I was at the studio last night."

'The singer continued: "working on my record and never left with anyone other than my assistant. What happened to your big enlightenment…what happened to your promise to spread love not lies."

"And to be a decent human being with values and morals??? Dude u ask for people to respect you and your relationships I demand the same thing."

She added to Hilton: "you're the first one to write about my engagement and my wedding and how happy u r for me and the first to try and tear my life."

"hope this message finds you happy and healthy."

"feel free to ask me whatever u want but I can't tolerate lies. Thanks for understand. Blessings x."

The tweets have since been deleted but not before they were re-tweeted by Miley's thousands of followers and screengrabbed by perez.. Remind us never to get on the wrong side of Ms Cyrus!.


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