Holy Cow! Ben Affleck 'Considered' For Batman Role In New Justice League Movie

Oscar hopeful was favourite to play the caped crusader in forthcoming superhero epic

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Ben Affleck came very close to stepping into Christian Bale's very large shoes after reportedly being considered for the role of Batman in forthcoming superhero epic 'Justice League.'

The 40-year old actor and director was originally rumoured to be helming the new movie after sources claimed he was the only directorial candidate to be sent a copy of writer Will Beall's completed screenplay last year.

While Ben has proved with hits like 'Gone Baby Gone' and the Oscar nominated 'Argo' that he is capable of handling a major studio funded project, Latino Review claim he was also considered to play The Caped Crusader when shooting for the long awaited project gets underway.

“Fun and fabulous fanboy fact of the day: did ya know when Affleck was approached to direct Justice League they also wanted him to play Batman?” Latino's Review's Elmayimbe wrote on Twitter.

The movie has been given a tentative 2015 release, but despite heavy funding various problems have hampered the project before filming has even begun - with sources claiming its go ahead hinges on the success of forthcoming Superman reboot 'Man of Steel.'

Recent reports also claim that Warner Bros. have scrapped Beall's screenplay, while 'Kick-Ass' creator Mark Millar has called it 'an excellent way of losing $200 million'

Affleck has since dismissed his rumoured connection with the project by insisting he was never offered the film in the first place.

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