Justin Bieber Sends Fans Pizza As They Camp Through Snowstorm Nemo For SNL Tickets

Those Beliebers will do anything to catch a glimpse of their man- even sit through a blizzard!

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Justin Bieber has always been one to thank his fans and those Beliebers now love their fave superstar even more as he brought them all pizza as they camped outside in a BLIZZARD to catch a glimpse of the teen heart-throb.

Biebs will be the host on tonight's Saturday Night Live and as Winter Storm Nemo approaches the East Coast of the US, this hasn't stopped the singer's dedicated fans who have packed the entrance to the studios in New York in the hope of getting standby tickets.

And as the weather just seems to get worse, Justin decided to make sure everyone got a bite to eat in the freezing conditions by sending out pizza and even donuts to the group outside.

The 'Baby' superstar tweeted: "everyone outside be safe. enjoy the pizza ;) #BIEBERonSNL"

And it seems like fans are super excited about tonight's appearance on the show, with one tweeting: "Watch out world, Justin is hosting and performing on SNL,I don't think you're ready for this jelli #BIEBERonSNL"

Whilst another fan thought to be outside posted: "Justin bought pizza for his fans ,waiting outside the SNL studio... no other artist is ever gonna do that."

Another adding, "Justin bought fans waiting outside the SNL studios today pizza twice, and he also got them dunkin donuts. He's honestly the best."

There are conflicting reports as to whether NBC plans to issue standby tickets late on Friday rather than the usual Saturday morning time so as to spare fans from camping out as conditions deteriorate.

Let's hope so!

Bieber has always been one to thank his fans! (Photo: WENN)

Meanwhile, it seems like one of the few people that will NOT be watching Bieber's performance tonight is ex Disney girlfriend Selena Gomez, according to Hollywoodlife.

A source said: "Selena has been wanting to spend as much time as possible with her friends right now. A close girlfriend from her hometown was out last week, and she’s been hanging out with her cousin Priscilla DeLeon and good friend Guynemer Caceras as well."

“Selena is planning on attending Paramount Studios’ 16th Annual Friends ‘N’ Family Party on Saturday night."

Whilst we remain baffled over whether Justin and Selena are together or not, JB's mum failed to give much away during her appearance on the Today show when she said: "You know, I just try and support whatever he's wanting."

"I think Selena is a sweetheart, and whatever they decide is great. It's tough letting go and letting our kids make the mistakes they need to make."

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