Adele Splashes Some Of Her Daily £41,000 Paycheck On Caravan For Her Gran

Adele treats grandmother for her birthday

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It was revealed this week that Adele rakes in a whopping £41,000 a day so buying a caravan for her beloved gran was no doubt just small change for the multi millionaire.

The 24-year-old has reportedly used some of her wealth to buy a £23,000 Lunar Delta RS for grandmother Doreen Adkins' 70th birthday. One of Doreen's neighbours from Tottenham, north London, told the Daily Star newspaper that Adele will be joining her gran on caravan trips!

''She was over the moon. [She] loves spending weekends at her local caravan park in Essex with her dog, and Adele often visits - even now she's an international star."

''It might seem weird for Adele to be going from the Oscars in LA to a caravan park near Clacton-on-Sea, but she loves it. The two of them walk the dog together and catch up."

"Adele likes to makes sure her gran wants for nothing. She has always been very down to earth and her huge success hasn't changed her one bit.''

Despite the 'Skyfall' singer buying her grandmother the replacement for her old caravan, the neighbour insisted Doreen doesn't want a similar upgrade for her house:

''[She] has lived in her terrace house for more than 30 years and has no intention of moving. Adele knows Doreen's not interested in the celebrity lifestyle.''

According to The Sun, Adele is currently having no problems splashing the cash as she reportedly shells out out £47,000 a month rent to live in Sir Paul McCartney's old home in Los Angeles whilst she rehearses for her big comeback performance at this year's Oscars.

Sources say that looking at accounts for Adele's company Melted Stone Ltd there is £10.3 million in the bank and £4.6 million due in royalties and other payments - totalling £14.9 million.

And it seems like Adele definitely deserves her fortune, with her second album selling 25 million copies worldwide, more than three times her debut 19's seven million. The accounts for Adele’s company, just filed at Companies House, cover the year to April 2012 and they compare with assets of £341,000 a year before, showing just how big she now is overseas.

Caravans all round!

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