Bobbi Kristina's 'Life Is In Danger' Following Whitney Houston's Death, According To Friends

Friend and pastor Jerome Bell has said that he 'really does pray for her'

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It seems like Bobbi Kristina may be worryingly going down the same path as mother Whitney Houston, according to sources who have said that they fear Whitney's daughter's 'life is in danger.'

According to The Sun, Bobbi was pictured shopping in Atlanta alongside boyfriend and foster brother Nick Gordon and the pair were seen to be sharing a rather suspicious looking roll-up as they returned to their car with their recent purchases.

Bobbi was just 18 when her mother Whitney Houston was found dead in a Beverly Hills bathtub one year ago tomorrow (Feb 11).

After grandma Cissy Houston released a tell-all book, Bobbi cut her out of her life, becoming engaged to Nick whilst fighting a rather bitter legal battle over her mum's cash and has reportedly turned to drugs and alcohol throughout the whole thing.

Friends and relatives are now terrified for Bobbi’s future away from her gran’s influence.

Pastor and close family friend Jerome Bell, who had known Whitney before she became famous, last night said he feared the youngster’s life could be in danger.

Bobbi Kristina's life is said to be 'in danger' (Photo: WENN)

The 51-year-old told The Sun: “I do worry, I really pray for her."

“When you’re at that age and you’re separated from your family, the sky’s the limit to what negativity could befall you."

“When you have that kind of attitude and you disrespect your grandmother and other family members you’re already going the wrong way. The attitude worries me.”

But he added that the blame laid with others, who have used Bobbi’s grief and confusion to lead her astray.

He said: “People can take advantage of you when you’ve disconnected yourself from your family and that’s my concern."

“I’m certain that it’s because of people around her. She’s at a very impressionable age."

“When you are so endowed and blessed financially as she has become, it can be a very dangerous combination."

“This is not the time to separate from your family — this is the time when she should be getting closer."

“The family are all hurting together. We just want to see her turn it around.”

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