David Attenborough Accused Of Ignoring Gay Animals In His Nature Shows

'Africa' star slammed by media studies lecturer

By On

Is there anyone who doesn't adore nature genius Sir David Attenborough? Well, actually there is.

According to The Sun, media studies lecturer Dr Brett Mills does not think Sir David is doing enough to represent the gay animal community.

According to Dr Mills, homosexuality is evident "in pretty much every species" but Sir David focuses on family values and does not make room for "alternative interpretations".

Dr Mills has said "many non-human species have complex and changeable forms of sexual activity. Heterosexuality is one of many possible options.

Sir David claimed that a male chimp embrace was a gesture of "friendly affection", and that male sandpiper birds circling each other were being "aggressive", and not pursuing each other sexually.

Could Sir David be wrong about animal behaviour? Here he discusses working for the BBC natural history department on This Morning, 6 June 2011

Dr Mills also found fault with some footage of emperor penguins from 1993. Sir David commented that "family is an essential unit for the success of the offspring", and has said that it sidelines the idea that promiscuity and single parent families exist in the animal kingdom.

The BBC has declined to comment on Dr Mills' statements. Do you think that Sir David has a narrow minded interpretation of animal life? Or is he beyond criticism? Tell us what you think!