Is Ed Sheeran Hoping To Find Love At The Grammys?

He's got a date with Sir Elton - and he's looking for love!

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Won't someone help Ed Sheeran find love? He's gorgeous, ginger, and gagging for a girlfriend - yet the singer has been forced to take an attached 65 year old to tonight's Grammys.

Ed has lined up the career opportunity of a lifetime and will be singing with Sir Elton John at tonight's awards. But he told the Daily Star that it would be nice to be spending time with someone he could see a future with.

Ed said "The main thing I want is a family - I think that is the most important thing in life.

"You see time and time again - you can have everything, but if you don't have love and warmth and family vibes then you don't really have much."

The 'A Team' singer, who has been nominated for Song Of The Year with that track, has often spoken out about how precious his pals are to him, so it's no wonder that he's looking for long term companionship.

Ed recently refuted rumours that he was collaborating with Justin Bieber.  Ed told The Sun, "I don't think a collaboration would work with Justin. I think collaborations should be done with people that can actually click."

Ed Sheeran attending the Grammy Music Preservation Project event ahead of tonight's awards, 7 February, Saban Theatre, Los Angeles California

Ouch! Biebs doesn't seem to have problems meeting ladies - if he's not going to work with Ed musically, perhaps he should help him romantically?

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