Harry Styles Gossip Round-Up: From Heartbreak Confession To Taylor Swift Song Whispers

It's been another jam-packed week for Harry

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This week has been another whirlwind in terms of Harry Styles news; from rumours of Taylor Swift's new songs about him to confessions of heart-break and, uh, long-Johns.

So let's take a look at what the last seven days have been like in the world of One Direction's curly-haired hunk:

Hazza saw in the week with a Super Bowl session - no doubt making the most of Beyonce's reunion with Destiny's Child! He would probably still have been wiped out from his 19th birthday celebrations, however - which saw him hit the town with a stripper and pals including Nick Grimshaw.

On Tuesday it was reported that the Stylinator (?) had splashed out on not one but TWO Porsches - one for himself, and one for his father. An insider told the Daily Star: “Harry is besotted by cars and loves the Porsche brand after test driving a few. He has brought a £100,00 Carrera from a car dealer near his dad’s home in Sale, Manchester."

They went on: “The middle man was a friend of his mum’s. It is black with tinted black windows, Harry said it was a present for his dad.”

Harry at a vintage clothes shop (Twitter/WENN)

Directioners' fans hearts melted the world over when he admitted that he had his heart broken once when an unnamed woman stood him up. Describing the Valentine's Day heartbreak he said: “I laid out a load of candles in a park over a little bridge, over a stream near a girl’s house. I put the candles all on the bridge.

"I told her to come to the park but she said it was too dark. In the end she said she wasn’t coming out, so it was all wasted." Awww.

On Wednesday, Celebrity Big Brother super-villains Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt identified Styles and his ex Taylor Swift as the pair they would like to play them in a movie about their lives. Interesting concept. Mollie King of The Saturdays also spoke highly of the teen idol, saying: "Bless him, he's so adorable, they all are, we see them on the circuit a lot and they're all great boys.

"We know them so well, they're like little brothers. We know all of One Direction very well, so I will leave everyone else to Harry."

Danny Dyer admitted that Harry's partying reputation would be shattered if he ever went out drinking with him. Speaking to heat, he said: “Oh mate, Harry wouldn't last two minutes on a night out with me." We believe you, Danny!

Now that Taylor Swift has been confirmed to play at the BRITs, it seems a dead cert that she will come face-to-face with Harry again, following their previous reunion-of-sorts at the NRJ ceremony last month. We're sure there won't be too many fireworks!

On the subject of Swift, she apparently has written as many as five songs about their brief romance, at least some of which we're sure will appear on her next album. But is he bothered? Nope!

And finally, the internet's tween users went into meltdown yesterday when Harry claimed he doesn't plan on staying single for long.

"If the right person was there, I’d go for it. I wouldn’t stay single purposefully," he told We Love Pop. "For me, it’s more infatuation. You can see someone and I think ‘She’s amazing.’

"I wouldn’t say I could fall in love at first sight but maybe I just haven’t done that yet."

Any takers?

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