The Black Keys: 'Rich' Kid Justin Bieber Didn't Deserve Grammys 2013 Nomination

The drummer of The Black Keys has scathingly suggested that Justin Bieber has no place at the Grammys...

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Justin Bieber didn't receive a single nomination at the Grammys 2013, so we imagine he was already feeling a little sorry for himself. So we can't help but wonder how he reacted when the drummer of The Black Keys, who picked up a cool four gongs last night, stated that the Biebz isn't Grammy material...


According to, Patrick Carney - famed for being the drummer of The Black Keys - has been busy gloating since picking up a cool four Grammy gongs with his band last night.

And, when asked if he agreed with Justin Bieber's lack of nominations this year, he reportedly suggested it was due to a lack of musical talent:

"He's rich, right?"

"Grammys are for, like, music, not for money."

Possibly in an attempt to soften the barbed comment, Carney added that: "he's making a lot of money. He should be happy."

We wonder if Justin Bieber will respond to The Black Keys' drummer's less than glowing review of his musical talent?

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