Jennifer Lawrence 'Couldn't Keep Her Eyes Off' Michael Fassbender During BAFTAs Afterparty?

The pair are said to have planned a date as they 'chatted all night' at last night's party

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She may be perfect in the eyes of majority of the male population, but it's been suggested that Jennifer Lawrence may now be 'smitten' with somebody after apparently eyeing up Michael Fassbender ALL NIGHT during a BAFTAs afterparty yesterday (Feb 10).

According to RadarOnline, Michael was quick to grab the 'Silver Linings Playbook' actress for some chit chat and it's been reported that the showbiz pair are even planning a date night soon, after arranging it at The Weinstein Party after last night's awards ceremony.

“Michael and Jennifer were locked in conversation for a long time, he was charming the pants off her,” an eyewitness at the party reveals.

Michael Fassbender leaves the BAFTAs afterparty last night, Feb 10 (Photo: WENN)

“And even when she was talking to other people at the after party, Jennifer couldn’t keep her eyes off Michael!"

“They initially met on the set of X-Men: First Class a few years back and got on like a house on fire. And they’ll be reunited again for the film’s sequel when that starts filming in the next few months."

They continued, “So, they will be seeing a lot of each other – and it’s clear to see there’s a strong physical attraction between them."

“When Jennifer wraps up The Hunger Games: Catching Fire she said to Michael she would love to do dinner with him."

Jennifer looked stunning on the red carpet last night, Feb 10 (Photo: WENN)

“She might want to be wary of [her ex-boyfriend] Nicholas’ feelings though – as he’s also going to appear in the X-Men sequel!” the eyewitness says.

Michael is now back on the market after his recent split from 'Shame' co-star Nicole Beharie last month and coincidentally, so's Jennifer, who recently broke up with Nicholas Hoult after a two year relationship.

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