WATCH: BAFTA Winner Anne Hathaway 'I Know You're Tired Of Me And I Don't Want An Oscar That Much'

Star talks Oscar prospects

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BAFTA winner Anne Hathaway admitted backstage at the awards ceremony that she knows that everyone must be getting tired of actors in awards season, and that she wasn't too bothered about winning an Oscar, as she has her husband.

The star said: "I know this time of year you must all be pretty tired of us, trying to put our emotions into words," before almost breaking down as she described how playing Fantine in 'Les Miserables was, "the most sublime experience".

Anne also talked about her Oscar chances, which she shouldn't have to worry about as she's such a ludicrously odds on favourite that bookies seem to think that the Catwoman star is as likely to cough up a furball as lose out.

Anne Hathaway isn't that bothered by Oscars glory (Photo: WENN)

The star said: "Whatever happens in two weeks happens," adding: "It won't be the worst thing that happens to me if I don't win, and with my husband by my side it won't be the best thing either. So I am feeling very good about whatever."

Hathaway continued to describe how lucky she felt, saying: "I really have to say that getting to do the work, getting to play the character with this cast and to have this opportunity, it is the most sublime experience. I don't know how I got so lucky.

"So I don't think ahead - I am just happy to be in the conversation in two weeks' time," Hathaway said.

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