Rihanna And Chris Brown 'Ignored Whispers About Their Relationship' At Grammy Awards

Sources have said the pair 'ignored chat about their romance and were crazy happy throughout the bash'

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Rihanna and Chris Brown were spotted cosying up to one another at last night's Grammy Awards and the Bajan singer even fuelled speculation of a possible engagement as she flashed a ring on her left hand. Now sources have said that the showbiz pair 'ignored whispers' and were 'crazy happy' throughout the celeb filled event.

According to Hollywoodlife, some guests did chat about the couple's relationship, but they didn't care and didn't let it spoil their evening.

“They were both crazy happy being there together, it was just like old times,” a source 'connected' to the pair said.

“Last night was one of them nights where my b***h put it all out on the line, front and center when it came to Chris."

Adding, “If there’s still any doubt about their relationship, then you didn’t obviously didn’t see them at Grammys.”

“Rihanna didn’t care what nobody said or the whispers from people who were in the room,” the source says.

Rihanna & Chris Brown were spotted cosying up at last night's Grammys, Feb 10 (Photo: WENN)

“She was just like, ‘F**k it babe, just be you and I’ll be me and together we’re us.’”

“People always be trying to judge a b***h because she with Chris but like she said, it ain’t nobody’s business and she didn’t let it f**k up her night. She kept it moving.”

RiRi caused chaos on Twitter after flashing a giant diamond on her engagement finger.

One Twitter user, @erinu_ wrote: “Were my eyes playing tricks on me or did Rihanna have a ring on her ring finger.”

@stillnsync added: “Rihanna is wearing a diamond on her left ring finger. Really? Hope that's just an accessory.”

@iHustledRetards tweeted: “Rihanna engaged?!?! Or that's some type of promise ring? Lol.”

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