WATCH: Ke$ha Plays The Keyboard With Boobs Live During Radio Interview

Clearly the singer is multi-talented!

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Ke$ha is one of the most outspoken popstars around at the moment but she clearly has been hiding one of her talents as she is able to play the keyboard with just her boobs – as she proved live on air during a recent radio interview.

The 'Die Young' star revealed her talent while making an appearance on Capital FM when she was asked how her writing process comes about - and the host Dave Berry conveniently had a keyboard to hand, meaning Ke$ha was free to demonstrate her bizarre technique.

Kesha at KIIS FM Ball in LA, 2012 (

Ke$ha explained: “The way I wrote songs is a little different. I always let my breasts choose the chord progression.”

"I'm really going to let you in to this intimate process and I'm really just going to let them shin.”

The singer has recently unveiled that she'll be appearing in her own TV Show 'Kesha: My Beautiful Crazy Life'.

Ke$ha told Billboard: "With this documentary series I'm revealing a more complete picture of what my life is really like. It's not all glamorous, but it's all real."

The star is currently promoting her latest single 'C'mon' from her album 'Warrior'.

Watch her unusual way of playing the keyboard below...

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