BBC Boss Reveals Making Sherlock Was A Big 'Risk'

The creators did not expect the series to be so successful...

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BBC Boss Reveals Making Sherlock Was A Big 'Risk'
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BBC Drama boss Ben Stephenson has admitted that creating Sherlock was a big risk for the BBC. It was not certain whether or not everyone would like the show, but it has now become a worldwide hit.

Sherlock has been a huge hit here in the UK and over in America, with thousands of fans following the storyline of the popular great detective, as played by Benedict Cumberbacth.

However, the BBC's controller of drama commissioning, Ben Stephenson, has admitted that he initially thought the series would be a huge "risk", especially with international audiences outside of the UK.

He recently spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about the series, saying: "In my opinion, if you take risks with stories and writers, you will actually drive big audiences.

"For example, the tone of Sherlock only works on the BBC in this country. The risk we took with that tone drove the success of it internationally."

We are all very glad he took this risk, as now Sherlock is loved all over the world.

Stephen Moffat, the co-creator of Sherlock, was awarded the BAFTA Television Special Award in 2012 (Photo: WENN) 

He continued to talk about the success of the show, and the reception it has had from its many viewers: "[Sherlock] is a massive show internationally. It is in hundreds of territories internationally, is a hit in America and has made Benedict a star.

"That came out of the same approach and attitude that goes into our other work. Being popular is absolutely at the heart of what the BBC does."

Stephen Moffat, co-creator of Sherlock, confessed that he did not imagine the show would ever get as big as it has. He spoke of the series at The Edinburgh Festival Masterclass back in August: "We thought it'd get 4m [viewers] and an award from a Polish festival, something like that." The series has definitely exceeded these expectations!

Sue Vertue, a producer for the show, confirmed on Twitter last year that shooting on the third series will be re-scheduled for March due to "availablity reasons" but said that it is "not expected to affect any likely TX dates". The Sherlock boys have been very busy, with Martin Freeman in The Hobbit and Benedict Cumberbatch in Star Trek Into Darkness.

We hope the series will air very soon, we can't wait to see Sherlock back on our screens this year!

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