Is Justin Bieber Headed For Rehab?

Following a difficult start to 2013 sources claim Biebs is seeking help

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We're only six weeks into the new year but already Justin Bieber has broken up with his long term girlfriend, been involved in a drug scandal and been snubbed at the Grammy's! All that drama has led to some 'insiders' speculating that the star is now headed for rehab.

According to a very dubious report in Star magazine in the US "Justin Bieber’s reckless partying has his loved ones scared to death and begging him to enter rehab.”

The tabloid, which is well known for it's outlandish stories, goes on to allege that Biebs had a “drug-fueled hookup with nursing student Milyn ‘Mimi’ Jenson,” saying that supposed incident is only “the tip of the iceberg.”

According to the mag, Bieber has also  been “frequently smoking marijuana, drinking the street cocktail ‘sizzurp,’ driving recklessly and partying to all hours of the night.”

“He’s spiraling fast. Everyone in his inner circle is talking about staging an intervention, the 'insider' adds before going on to claim that Bieber’s mom Pattie Mallette is “so scared about Justin’s emotional state and crazy partying that she even enlisted Selena [Gomez] to talk some sense into him.”

“She’s at her wits’ end and hopes that Selena can still have an affect on Justin.”

This latest story is similiar to one printed by the National Enquirer last month claiming Pattie was "begging" Justin's ex Selena to reconcile with her son for the sake of his health. This story was quickly denied and now a source close to Bieber has told Gossip Cop that Star's piece is "simply bogus, and that Mallette has made no such request of Gomez."

EntertainmentWise have contacted reps for Justin for a comment on the claims but we're betting we're much more likely to see Biebs taking to the stage for his millions of fans instead of checking himself into rehab anytime soon...

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