Daryl Hannah Arrested At The White House During Washington Protest

The actress was led away in handcuffs for refusing to unchain herslef from the gates of the White House

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Daryl Hannah has been arrested for her part in a protest march against the development of a crude oil pipeline stretching from Canada to America's Gulf Coast.

The 52-year old actress and environmentalist joined demonstrators from campaign groups Sierro Club, 350.org and Commited Citizens in Washington DC on Wednesday (Feb 13) for a civil disobedience action against the Keystone XI Project – a large pipe designed to ferry oil across the Canadian border.

Hannah – who has starred in a string of Hollywood blockbusters including 'Splash!' and 'Kill Bill' volumes one and two – posted photos of herself with lawyer and fellow activist Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. on Twitter shortly before the pair were taken into custody along with 46 demonstrators for refusing to comply with repeated police demands that they unchain themselves from the gates of the White House.

The actress was released later that day – and immediately alerted followers of her latest brush with the law on Twitter.

“Fresh outta jail & going to visit my hero Lester Brown (a prominent environmental analyst),” she tweeted.

The incident was the latest in a string of busts for Hannah and her third in connection with the Keystone XI development after previous arrests in Washington in August 2011 and more recently in Texas last October.

In 2006 the actress was jailed with other demonstrators after chaining herself to a walnut tree for three weeks to protest the eviction of farmers from the South Central Farm in Los Angeles.

Three years later she was amongst 31 people arrested during a protest against mountaintop removal in West Virginia - during which they sat in the middle of State Route 3 and obstructed traffic.