Is Kristen Stewart Wearing Robert Pattinson's Unwashed Underwear?

Actress allegedly making unusual clothing choices

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Kristen Stewart is reportedly so keen to win back her 'Twilight' co-star lover Robert Pattinson that she’s allegedly wearing his unclean underwear every day.

The actress is said to be keeping Robert close by wearing his boxer shorts after he jetted off to film 'The Rover' in Australia.

A source told America’s Star magazine: “Kristen is beside herself over Rob’s decision to step back from their relationship and has started wearing his old undies every day.”

Kristen Stewart is said to be missing Robert Pattinson so much while he's in Australia that she's wearing his old underwear (WENN)

However, according to the publication’s apparent insider, Robert “freaked out when KStew tearfully told him about wearing his drawers”.

The source added: “He thought it was creepy. Kristen’s clinginess has been a problem, and this is just a step too far!”

But it seems the so-called source may be getting their story confused – another insider told Gossip Cop that the rumour is “ludicrous”. We hope so...

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