Deadmau5 Launches Rant Against Kanye West: 'I F**king Hate Him'

The dubstep producer has stated he has no desire to work with the rapper

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It looks like Kanye West has found himself yet another enemy with dubstep producer Deadmau5 saying he would never work with the rapper as he “f**king hates him.”

The Canadian producer, who has worked with the likes of Kaskade and Imogen Heap, covers the March issue of Vibe magazine alongside Mary J. Blige and was asked who is next on his list of collaborations and it turns out Kanye doesn't make the cut.

Deadmau5 says he "hates" Kanye West (DJDM/

When asked which artist he would like to design a live show for, Deadmau5 replied: “Anyone other than f**king Kanye. I f**king hate him.” Deadmau5 clearly isn't short of celebrity friends though as he reveals who he would turn to if he's stuck in a rut.

“If I’m having problems with my label, I can always talk to Tommy Lee, who’s been sued more times than anyone I know,” he revealed.

The outspoken producer has never hesitated in revealing his true feelings in the past, previously hitting out at David Guetta for using "two iPods and a mixer" before adding: "We all hit play", in his interview with Rolling Stone, accusing the chart-topping DJ of not giving fans a genuine performance.

However, Guetta, whose hits include 'Without You,' 'Where Them Girls At' and 'Titanium' has defended himself saying he only plays songs that have been personally mixed by him and doesn't cheat his fans out of a real set.

"For so many years I DJed in clubs and learned the hard way. The big DJs start by being bedroom producers and they have a hit and suddenly start playing in front of thousands of people," Guetta told Vibe magazine.

Kanye West has made an enemy in Deadmau5 (R Chiang / Splash News)

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