Safe Haven Overtakes Die Hard In Valentine's Day Box Office War

Both 'performed well' despite bad reviews

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Valentine's Day is big business in the movie world, but it seems this year cinema-goers weren't in the mood to Die Hard... choosing to see romantic drama Safe Haven instead.

Fox films A Good Day To Die Hard and Safe Haven have both been subject to brutal reviews from critics since their release, but that didn't stop film lovers awarding 'B+' CinemaScores to both.

As expected, romance author Nicholas Sparks won the Valentine’s Day vote, raking in an impressive $8.9M on the day. The decidedly unromantic A Good Day To Die Hard followed close behind with $8.1M.

The impending 5-day Presidents Day weekend in America should help to boost ratings -  Universal’s holdover Identity Thief  is currently in third place with around $5.3M, while Summit Entertainment/Lionsgate’s two week old Warm Bodies became #4 with around $2.5M.

To complete the Top Five, Thursday’s third opener was Warner Bros’ ethereal romance Beautiful Creatures (2,950 theaters) which earned a ‘B’ CinemaScore from audiences despite opening with a disappointing $2.5M. Guess those Twilight fans can't be turned, after all!

Gaining just 13% on Rotten Tomatoes and costing a whopping $92 million, A Good Day To Die Hard has a lot of work to do to after receiving awful reviews. Producers are feeling positive though, as the movie made $845,000 from Wednesday midnight showings alone.

Bruce Willis reprises his tough guy role as John McClane for the film, who travels to rescue his CIA operative son played by Jai Courtney.

Fox is confident that Die Hard 5 will win the weekend. Last time around, 2007′s Live Free Or Die Hard opened on a Wednesday and earned $48.3M for the 5-day weekend and $33.3M for the Friday to Sunday!

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