Niall Horan Over Joyed As He Confirms Braces Are Finally Coming Off Forever

But will Directioners be so happy?

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Niall Horan will finally get his braces off in just a few weeks, the One Direction hunk has confirmed - and he couldn’t be happier about the prospect of a metal free smile.

The Irish hunk has had the braces fitted over a year ago, so we’re not surprised the ‘Kiss You’ singer is excited about finally getting them taken off. He confirmed the happy news on Twitter today.

He wrote: “Goodmorning lovers! just t let ya know i always get asked…the braces are coming off 3rd of april forever!” (sic)

The Irish babe is about to embark on a world tour, hitting 19 countries in just six months, with everyone’s favourite boyband One Direction and no doubt will be excited that his train tracks won’t be coming with him.

It's a thumbs up from Niall (WENN)

But fans might not be so happy to see the back of the braces as they seem to love the look on the cheeky blonde. In August when Niall updated fans on his dental progress, they told him to never get them removed.

"Been to dentist today ! got them tightened up and stuff! he tells me i will be gettin braces off in 6 months...teeth moving fast ! Sick." (sic) He wrote back in the summer.

To which one fan replied: "Nooooo @NiallOfficial keep your braces on forever everyone loves them."

With another adding: "@NiallOfficial is so adorbs with his braces."

It’s not just his looks which will get a boost from the brace removal, he’ll also be able to eat and drink whatever he wants without the pesky things getting in the way.

He told The Sun soon after having them fitted: "I've just had a brace on this week so I won't be eating sweets," "It's a bit sore so I can only eat soup.”

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