Beyonce's HBO Documentary Blasted As 'Calculated Vanity Project'

'It fails on every front': Critics are sick of her blatant self-promotion

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Beyonce has been fiercly protective of her private life in the past, so her new HBO documentary 'Life Is But A Dream' has come under fire from critics who accuse her of releasing the footage for greedy self-promotion purposes.

It's not often Beyonce lets us into her crazy world - she avoids questions about her rapper husband Jay-Z in interviews and hides baby Blue Ivy's face from the paparazzi wherever she can - but she knows that her fans hang on her every word, and any details about her private life are worth millions.

Critics have accused Queen Bey of cashing in on her fans' desperation for behind the scenes knowledge, releasing new HBO documentary this year solely to promote her new tour.

A critic at Entertainment Weekly wrote: "Why don’t we ever see her — even in bed in the middle of the night — without beautiful, flowing, perfectly styled hair?"

He called the film "a delicate mix of the calculated and confessional, designed to let us just far enough into Knowles’ world to keep us interested in her next tour, album, soda allegiance, etc." Ouch! had the same idea: "It fails on virtually every front. Like other celebrity hagiographies on heavy rotation on E! or the Biography Channel, Dream is little more than an exercise in self-mythification, sold, a little cynically, as an intimate look at the artist's naked soul."

The film offers an insider's view of the megastar's life, composed of home movies from the singer's childhood, webcam confessionals, concert footage, behind-the-scenes snippets, and segments from a sit-down interview.

The film aired Saturday, shows more of Blue Ivy than ever before, and cute clips of Beyonce's loving relationships with Jay-Z and family members. Whilst the critics weren't overally impressed, fans were soon taking to twitter to show their love for Bey:

‏@ErikVinB "Beyonce's "Life Is But A Dream" documentary is amazing!"

@LBJMD "Beyonce's doccie is BRILLIANT!!! That's all I'm gonna say. *Life Is But A Dream*"

@_Ventour_ "Watching Beyonces' documentary 'life is but a dream' just reminds me if how much of an inspiration @Beyonce is!"

We don't care if it is blatant self promotion... we're dying to see it, Bey!

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Oprah Winfrey at the Beyonce: Life Is But A Dream premiere in New York last night (Andres Otero/WENN)