'Get Your Facts Right': Amy Green Hits Back At Niall Horan 'Split' Claims?

Drama student was rumoured to be in relationship with One Direction hunk

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One Direction star Niall Horan was reported to have “broken up” with drama student Amy Green over the weekend, despite never having confirmed the relationship, but following the claims the pretty brunette has appeared to hit back at the claims writing on twitter that people should “get their facts right”.

The 20 year-old was first linked to the One Direction hunk in October with a source telling the Mirror, “they're definitely dating,” despite Niall insisting that he's single and now they're “split” has been reported, it seems Amy has hinted that these claims aren't true either.

She wrote on Twitter yesterday: “Laughing at what people will say to make an article #hysterical #getyourfactsright,”

Before adding: “Where do some people get their facts from?!! .. very funny,”

According to The Mirror, Niall ended the romance after not having “enough time,” to fit her into his busy schedule.

Niall Horan: Is he or isn't he attached? Or was he ever!! (WENN)

A source told the paper: “Sadly, it is over between Niall and Amy. He finished it because he didn’t have enough time with everything he has to do.

“Understandably she was disappointed because she had been in a relationship before she started seeing Niall and chose him over her boyfriend.

“But there are no real hard feelings and they’re still close.”

Drama student Amy was described as being devastated by the split, but did find the 1D babe “immature.”

The insider claimed: “She found Niall a bit too immature for her tastes.

“It was like Niall’s first relationship, whereas Amy had been in a relationship before. They had a few silly arguments and it was really the beginning of the end.”

They added: “Niall used all the tools he could to woo her and he treated her really well. She enjoyed it while it lasted and hopes they’ll stay friends.”

Speaking of his relationship status last October Niall told Now magazine, he was in no way attached.

He told the mag: “Yup, definitely single," But did admit he wasn't adverse to the idea, adding: “Yeah…I’m not actually looking but if the right person came along, definitely.”

So are they back together, or did they not date at all? Sounds like we will have to wait for Amy or Niall to confirm their relationship status before we know as, shock horror, they could just be friends!

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