Speidi: Scandal, Secrets and Surgery Documentary Reveals All The Dirty Details

The most hated couple in USA and UK dished all the dirt

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Speidi: Scandal, Secrets and Surgery Documentary Reveals All The Dirty Details
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They’re the couple we love to hate and, let’s be honest, reality TV just wouldn’t be the same without them. In tonight’s Speidi: Scandal, Secrets and Surgery documentary Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag dished all the dirt on their marriage, bankruptcy, surgery, and media set-ups.

From The Hills to Celebrity Big Brother, the famous duo have certainly been on a journey together. Country girl Heidi grew up in a small town in Colorado whilst hubby Spencer lived a completely opposite life amongst the rich and famous celebs of Hollywood.

However, the couple soon found each other on reality TV show The Hills. Originally focusing on fashionista Lauren Conrad, the show soon revolved around the turbulent love story of Heidi and Spencer. From falling out to making up, and then back to falling out, the couples love eventually conquered all. However, it wasn’t without its downsides.

Throughout the documentary Spencer revealed that The Hills was, in fact, scripted and claimed that producers made him play up to the role of the evil villain. Spencer claims the producers of the reality show told him to even run out on his future wife at their wedding. That’s not all, they also asked him to ‘punch’ his sister Stephanie Pratt on camera to add more ‘drama’ to the show. When asked about the claims, MTV responded with ‘no comment’.

After the show the couple swiftly became Hollywood’s most hated couple. Instead of running away, however, the couple lavished the attention and thought it would be a great idea for Heidi to launch a music career.

Heidi admitted that the couple had to fund her album with their own money - spending over $2 million on the unsuccessul album. After a failed attempt at breaking into the music industry, Speidi realised they could make millions from set up paparazzi shots instead. Who needs talent when you can just call the paps?

Spencer admitted that the couple were making over ‘$1 million a year’ just from these paparazzi shots. Heidi also landed the cover of Playboy magazine which reportedly pulled in another $1 million for the couple.

This was, however, after Heidi’s numerous operations to transform her look. Admitting that she struggled with low body confidence, Heidi decided to undergo 10 surgeries in just ONE day. She suddenly went from a Californian girl-next-door to a living Barbie doll. Two years later and Heidi admits that she’s only just recovered from the extensive surgery.

The secrets, surgery, and lies all became too much for the loved ones of the couple and, in the end, the parents of both Spencer and Heidi refused to talk to them. Rather than throwing in the towel and realising that family is more important than airtime, Speidi decided the only way up was through more media stunts.

After a ‘fake’ divorce, which landed them several magazine covers, Speidi declared bankruptcy. Again, however, this was a publicity stunt, Spencer revealed. Just another ploy to keep the couple in the public eye.

“I was paid to say we were bankrupt,” Spencer said.

The truth was, Spencer admitted, that ‘every day was a shopping spree’. The couple managed to spend over $10 million during this spending spree, all funded through their villainous media portrayal.

The documentary ended showing viewers the Hollywood home of the worlds most hated couple, their little beachhouse (which is actually owned by Spencer’s father!).

Giving the viewers a little tour of their humble abode, Spencer couldn’t help himself by detailing the cost of every item in his house. $30,000 for a jellyfish tank is a little extreme, don’t you think Spencer?

Oh, and we can’t forget the couple giving us the lowdown on their collection of guns. We must admit, we got a few goosebumps when Heidi was pointing that rifle around!

So what’s next for Speidi? Despite revealing all of their deepest and darkest secrets, we believe that we’ll be seeing this fame-hungry couple back on our screens in no time. And we can’t wait!

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