50 Cent Boasts About Cancellation Of Ex Girlfriend's Reality Show 'Starter Wives Confidential'

The rapper's ex GF's reality TV show has been cancelled

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Rapper 50 Cent is been bragging and taking credit for the cancellation of his ex-girlfriend Shaniqua Tompkins' U.S reality show Starter Wives Confidential after legal issues between the pair prevented her from making frequent appearances on the series.

The mother of the 'In Da Club' singer's only son Marquise joined forces with Dmx's estranged wife Tashera Simmons and the former flames of boxing champ Floyd Mayweather, Jr. and Khloe Kardashian's hubby Lamar Odom to form the main cast of the show.

However, after airing the first few episodes on the Tlc network, TV executives announced yesterday (February 18) that the programme has been axed altogether.

In an open letter to fans, cast member Monica Taylor, the ex-wife of New York DJ Funkmaster Flex, writes, "It's no secret Starter Wives Confidential was plagued by legal inquiries and possible lawsuits from the beginning. Starting with Shanequa Tompkins (sic) being missing from all the episodes, her ex 50 Cent allegedly had an agreement or contract with her of some sort that either prevented or made it difficult for her to partake in the show."

50 Cent has boasted about the cancellation of his ex's reality TV show (Photo: WENN)

50 Cent appears to have confirmed his legal action by taking to social networking site Twitter, he hints he was one of the key parts of the reason Starter Wives Confidential was taken off air and he's happy to take all the credit.

In a Twitter post, he writes, "I want to apologize to cast of Starter Wives for having the show pulled off the net work (sic). i sincerely hope you find work".

And the Starter Wives drama doesn't end there! During last week's premiere, cast member Liza Morales, the mother of Lamar Odom's three children, stepped in the reality tv spotlight where she revealed the backstory of their 10-year love affair.

With Lamar being her first man sexually, they met when she was 16, and apparently her last, it's easy to see why she would have "feelings" about seeing the baller wife up reality tv starlet Khloe Kardashian after such a short time together.

However, Liza has spoken out and said that she does have some similarities with Lamar's wife, telling the NY Daily News: “I’m 100% Puerto Rican and I was here first. I was here first, so she has a resemblance to me. I don’t see it. We both have dark hair. We both have a cherub face. I don’t think we look alike, but I have heard it. Imitation is a form of flattery!”

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