'If I Were A Guy, I'd Have Sex With Myself': Kim Kardashian Discusses Being A Man For The Day

Kim has said that she 'just wants to know what it feels like' to have sex with herself

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They're known for being some of the hottest females out there, but even we were shocked when we heard that Kim Kardashian would have sex with HERSELF, as she made the shock claim in last night's episode of Kourtney & Kim Take Miami.

During a photoshoot for UK Cosmopolitan magazine, Kim and Khloe discussed filling out the magazine's questionnaire and in particular what Kim would do if she was a man for the day.

"If I was a man, I would want to know what it's like to have sex with myself," Kim told her sister.

Adding, "I would just want to know what it would feel like."

And Kim being Kim, she also had a quick moan about the fact that Kourtney tends to leave work commitments to look after her children Mason and Penelope.

She was absent from an Australian radio interview to promote the launch of a new Kardashian Kollection range because she was looking after her children, forcing Kim to do an impression of her.

Kim & Kourtney are always bickering whilst filming their TV shows (Photo: WENN)

"Ever since Kourtney has had the two babies, she has tried to bail out of work situations," declared Kim.

Khloe joined the sisters in town and she and Kim began to feel the heat of having to take on more work than their older sister due to her family commitments.

"This isn't the fun glamorous stuff," said Khloe. "Kourt loves being home with her babies, being around her kids, I get it. But this is work and we have to do it."

"Kourtney's now taking advantage a little bit," added Kim. "She does work really hard. But she's a little selective. She puts the extra burden on Khloe and I.'"

The situation was pushed even further when Kourtney left a shoot early for UK Cosmo to take baby Penelope home.

"It's like Kourtney to get her photos down first so she can rush off and get home to her kids," sniped Kim.

Ouch! What's a Kardashian reality show without a little sisterly drama, eh?

Check out Kourtney with Scott and their daughter Penelope on a shopping trip yesterday

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