Robert Pattinson Wishes He Was Indulging In Break-Ups And Pick-Up Tips At Tropfest 2013

Should Kristen be worried?

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Robert Pattinson wishes he was enjoying the movies entered into Australia's Tropfest 2013, including a movie which shows a highly strung actress breaking up with her boyfriend.

However sadly the star is in the desert filming The Rover so had to send a video message.

Included in the 16 finalists in the short film festival is a short called Scene 16, which follows a soap actress practising a break-up scene who then turns to her boyfriend and acts it out for real! Let's hope Rob doesn't get any ideas!

Although if the worst happens with Kristen, Rob could enjoy A Man Walks Into A Bar, a short flick that explores the difficulties a couple have in picking each other up in, predictably a bar, before we cut to the morning after...

Sadly though Rob will be missing out on these delights as he's in the outback filming, and seemed to be enjoying himself with co-star Guy Pearce as he sent a message to all those entered and watching.

WATCH: Rob and Guy's message to Tropfest 2013

Guy Pearce begins the introduction, before Rob fails to realise that he still had to keep talking and interjecting: “Oh s**t, am I continuing?”

“We collectively wish that we could be there enjoying all the fabulous Topfest films with you tonight,” Rob says, finishing his message.

The Twilight star is rumoured to be currently on a trial separation from girlfriend Kristen Stewart, with the actor and actress' relationship constantly in the spotlight after Kristen's affair last year, so may well empathise with the couple in Scene 16, especially after years of acting out emotional scenes in Twilight with Kristen.

WATCH: What Rob wishes he was watching: Scene 16

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