Katy Perry 'Replaces' BFF Rihanna

Sources claim that Katy Perry has found a new best friend now Chris Brown's back in the picture...

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Katy Perry and Rihanna are reportedly no longer BFFs and, according to new sources, the 'Teenage Dream' singer has gone out of her way to show RiRi that she has been "replaced" now that she's back with Chris Brown.

Katy Perry is apparently not impressed with the fact that her best friend Rihanna has decided to give things another go with Chris Brown, the man who violently assaulted her back in 2009.

So much so that she has "replaced" Rihanna with supposed new gal pal, Allison Williams.

Sources at Heat magazine have come forward to explain exactly why Katy Perry was "avoiding" Rihanna at the Grammy Awards this year, choosing instead to spend time with the Girls star:

“It’s almost as if Katy was showing Rihanna that she’s been replaced, as they usually spent time catching up at these events. Instead, she chose to hang out with Allison.”

Has Katy Perry replaced best mate Rihanna? (WENN)

“Rihanna’s attitude is that she’s tired of everyone having an opinion on her life – including Katy.”

"Rihanna doesn’t think that Katy should be judging her relationship with Chris when she’s involved with John, who is a well-known player.”

It all sounds like a scene lifted straight outta 'Mean Girls', doesn't it?

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