Leo Tolstoy's War And Peace To Get BBC Adaptation

40 years after previous version BBC turn to Russian epic

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Eddie Redmayne will star in a remake of Leo Tolstoy's epic Russian novel War and Peace, which will be brought to television by BBC Wales, 40 years after the last time that an adaptation came to the small screen.

The novel is a notoriously difficult book to film, coming in at roughly 1500 pages and with long passages devoted to battles in the Napoleonic Wars, alongside the epic intertwining love stories set in Russia in the early 19th Century.

According to the Beeb the script will be written by the scribe who wrote the 1995 TV adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, famously featuring Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle.

Redmayne will continue his history of starring in historical epics, cutting his teeth on channel 4's The Pillars of the Earth and most recently starring in Les Miserables.

Eddie Redmayne will star in the BBC's War and Peace (Photo: WENN)

The novel is regarded as one of the world's most important literary works, and according to the BBC, Davies said it was, ""Not just a great novel, it's a wonderful read and it'll make a wonderful serial."

He added: "The characters are so natural and human and easy to identify with and Natasha Rostova (the main female protagonist of the novel) just beats Lizzy Bennet (Pride and Prejudice's heroine) as the most lovable heroine in literature," he added.

The 1972 series featured Sir Anthony Hopkins as the aristocratic dilletante turned wealthy landowner who features as the novel's moral and philosophical heart.