Shocking Vampire Diaries Plot Set To 'Destroy' Nina Dobrev's Character Elena (Spoiler Alert!)

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Fans of The Vampire Diaries are set to be in for a shocker after the show's star Nina Dobrev spilled the beans on what is going to happen to her character on the popular CW network show.

The actress who plays Elena and is currently seeing her on screen love interest in real life, spoke to Entertainment Tonight about what is in store for her character.

Revealing that Elena will be left reeling from the demise of her brother Jeremy, Nina said: "Jeremy was the last person she had left, so it's very likely that Elena could go off the deep end now that she doesn't have the one thing that kept her human.

"Elena wants to protect the people she loves and saw this new-found strength as a way to protect everyone. But, in this case, she couldn't protect Jeremy and lost the only family member she had left. She won't take it lightly. It's going to destroy her."

There's plenty in store for Nina's character! (WENN)

Claiming that Elena will be "mentally unstable", Nina who recently tweeted about spending Valentine's Day on set, continued: "Elena is basically mentally unstable, going a little crazy and everyone is trying to help", before adding:

"She goes off the deep end and spirals downwards into a black hole of death and sadness and misery. 

"It's an Elena we haven't seen before, and you'll be shocked, quite frankly. I was very surprised where the episodes take her because it's almost like she's a completely different person that you won't recognize to some degree."

We can't wait!