Not Such Good Friends? Jennifer Aniston's Bridesmaids Revealed

Jennifer Aniston has apparently chosen her bridesmaids - but she hasn't asked any of her 'Friends' co-stars to step in...

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Jennifer Aniston has reportedly picked out the friends she wants to perform as bridesmaids in her upcoming wedding to Justin Theroux - and, surprisingly, her good pal (and Friends co-star) Courteney Cox isn't one of them!

But, before you start to worry, it isn't a sign of things turned sour between the BFFs - Jennifer Aniston apparently just wants to include a few of her new "fiercely loyal" friends. Step into the brink Chelsea Handler and Emily Blunt.

Jennifer Aniston has apparently not asked Courteney Cox to play bridesmaid at her wedding (WENN)

According to heatworld, Jennifer - who shot to fame playing Rachel in Friends - still wants co-star Courteney Cox / Monica to attend the wedding, but she also wants to let some of her newer gal pals to take centre stage at her wedding to Justin Theroux.

“Now Jen is with Justin, things with Courteney are different."

“Jen wants to include some of her new pals and, though she will attend the wedding, she thinks that Courteney may have too much on her plate."

"[She] thinks that Chelsea [Handler] is brilliant. She’s the only friend who publicly defended her over Angelina Jolie getting together with her ex Brad Pitt in 2005, so there’s fierce loyalty there.”

Bridesmaid or not, we hope to see Courteney Cox, Matthew Perry, Matt Le Blanc, Lisa Kudrow and David Schwimmer in attendance at Jennifer Aniston's upcoming nuptials - it just wouldn't be a real Friends wedding without them!

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