CONFIRMED! The Proud Owner Of A 900,000 Dollar Car

The Voice judge has had an extra-special car created by the folks at Pimp My Ride...

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Folks of West Hollywood were left startled when a pimped-up Dick Tracy car was spotted cruising the streets. And now it's been revealed that is the proud owner of the $900K automobile...

Described as a "crazy Dick Tracy-from-the-future" car, this all-aluminium creation left media outlets busily scratching their heads over which famous face could be behind the wheel.

However TMZ's sources had a very good idea which celeb was reaping the benefits of this sweet ride:

"It was built just for Will at the famous West Coast Customs (aka the Pimp My Ride people)."

And now they've got the video evidence to prove it. Check out the clip of The Voice judge in his brand-new car below...

We guess it's only fair gets his baby - after all, fellow Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie has just revealed that she's pregnant with her first child.

What do you think of's $900k car? Was it worth the money?

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