EXCLUSIVE: Ne-Yo Hits Back At Beyonce Critics Of TV Show 'Life Is But A Dream'

The singer was in no mood to mince his words during a chat with EntertainmentWise

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Her eagerly anticipated documentary got a lukewarm reception when it aired last weekend, but Beyonce's growing line of critics got a harsh reality check when EntertainmentWise met up with her pal and current collaborator Ne-Yo.

Autobiographical documentary Life is But a Dream pulled in 1.8 million viewers when it aired on premium cable channel HBO last Saturday (Feb 16), but while the sizeable figures were encouraging the film itself divided fans and critics – who slammed it for an apparent 'lack of openness.'

Ne-Yo at the BRITs last night (Wenn)

The beleaguered singer was already reeling from a barrage of criticism following her decision to mime a version of 'Star Spangled Banner' during US President Barack Obama's inauguration in Washington DC earlier this month.

Speaking to us earlier this week, Ne-Yo was in no mood to mince his words when asked about her recent spate of criticism.

“I haven't got a chance to watch it yet,” he said. “It feels like people need an excuse to complain as of late. Nobody's satisfied and to that I say shut up! I really feel like people need to just relax, they're doing too much.

Beyonce at the premiere screening of her self-directed documentary (Wenn)

“The whole inauguration thing and then the whole documentary thing, she didn't even have to do the damn documentary! She doesn't have to tell you guys anything. She has the right to keep her private life private if she chooses to, but because she loves her fans she decided to give you guys a small look inside.”

After prolonged success with Destiny's Child and a string of hits in her own right as a solo artist, Ne-Yo, 33, insists the singer and actress has nothing to prove.

“Do you want to look at her while she's in the shower?” He said. “Do you want cameras in there while she showers? Relax, it's not even that big, be appreciative of what she did give you because she didn't have to give you that. That's the way I look at it.

“The whole inauguration thing, like, 'Beyonce didn't sing' – are you serious? You're really going to act like you don't know she can't sing? Seriously? Cut that out...I challenge one person that has something to say about the inauguration. One person that could do it better. Exactly, shut up!"

The singer has been working in the studio with pal Beyonce while she records her fifth solo album – but he remained tight lipped when pressed about his collaborations with the star.

“I would if I could but I don't want Beyonce or Jay-Z to put me in a headlock!” he joked. “But I did go into the studio with and for her and I feel like we've put together some really cool stuff.”

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