'Come On 'Boy' Lighten Up' Liam Payne Hits Back At Boy George After Brit Awards Run In

One Direction star reponds to claims he snubbed music veteran

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Flamboyant pop singer Boy George blasted 1D's Liam Payne last night on Twitter. The 'What Makes You Beautiful' singer refused to take a picture with the pop legend and his niece.

The 80's singer took his niece Molly Fitzpatrick as his plus one to last night's star-studded bash-The BRITS.

Although livid at the One Direction lad, the Culture Club star praised Payne's fellow bandmate, Harry Styles. The singer and DJ tweeted, @BoyGeorge: “Top marks to Harry Styles for stopping for a picture with my niece and B*****s to Liam and the disrespectful w***** of a minder!” (sic)

Owww burn!

Boy George with his niece Molly at last night's Brits (Daniel Deme/WENN)

At the end of the music event, George praised the stars he enjoyed bumping into by tweeting to his fans, @BoyGeorge: “Stars of the night, Harry Styles, Lana Del Ray, Jessie J. Too many drug f**ked twits to mention elsewhere! Emily Sande was great! (sic)”

But Directioners were not too pleased Boy George as he added, @BoyGeorge: “One Direction fans stop bothering me!”

Liam leaving the Sony Music Brit Awards after party (WENN)

Liam hit back at Boy George's comments, @Real_Liam_Payne: "@BoyGeorge now now boy lets not tell porkies firstly thanks for getting my name wrong three times secondly then asking me where is liam?...akward then when you finally got it right saying you wanted Niall instead. if you would have asked me for a picture i would have stopped bro I just did what you said and pointed niall out for you so u just keep wearing ur strange hats and enjoy yourself my little Georgie pie... It's still not cool you just look wierd" 

A few hours later adding, @Real_Liam_Payne: "@BoyGeorge do you really want to hurt meeee do you really want to make me cryyy come on 'boy' lighten up ... Can I borrow a hat and make up for next Halloween I'd love to look as scary as you ;)"


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