Oscars Wise: Will Daniel Day-Lewis Edge Out Hugh Jackman To Be 2013's Best Actor?

Which star should win? You decide

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The Oscars are only three days away, and while we all get stocked up on coffee, nibbles and maybe a bottle of wine for Sunday night's ceremony, it's time to check out the contenders for Best Actor.

The clear frontrunner is Daniel Day-Lewis; although he's not the absolute certainty that Anne Hathaway is, it would be a major shock if the Lincoln actor doesn't win on Sunday for a number of reasons.

Firstly he's Daniel Day-Lewis; a double Oscar winner for a reason and an acting phenomenon. Secondly it's Lincoln; as evidenced by Meryl Streep's win in 2011 and Colin Firth's 2010 gong, the Academy loves a biography, with honest Abe being America's most revered President Daniel should be a shoo-in.

Daniel Day-Lewis as Abraham Lincoln (Photo: SplashNews)

However there's one reason to doubt this; Hugh Jackman. Hugh is doing another thing the Academy loves, singing and acting as Jean Valjean, and with Les Miserables turning those who usually turn their nose up at musicals to mush, Jackman could spring a real surprise.

Plus the tales of hardship from the set of Les Mis seem perfectly designed to impress the Academy's thespian electorate; 12 hour days full of singing, weight-loss (ticking the transformational box) and gripping yarns about surviving on honey and lemon to protect his vocal chords won't do Hugh any harm.

Hugh Jackman as Jean Valjean in Les Miserables (Photo: WENN)

Sadly for the rest of the field it's probably just about the satisfaction of being nominated. Silver Linings Playbook's Bradley Cooper has proved he's more than just eye candy in laddish comedies and can go home satisfied even if he doesn't win this time, while Denzel Washington's brilliant turn in Flight has continued the star's endless accumulation of nominations.

The last intriguing member of the nominees club is Joaquin Phoenix, who made waves last year by calling the whole awards process “bulls**t”. His turn in The Master is truly astonishing, and perhaps in a fairer world (or a weaker year) he'd have a real chance, but probably can't trump Day-Lewis' tour de force.

Verdict: Day-Lewis squeaks home, but Hugh Jackman could cause an upset.

You can read our verdict on the supporting actor and actress contenders here, or vote on who you think should win below.

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