'No Gambling!' Britney Spears 'Given Strict Rules For Las Vegas Residency'

Looks like Brit won't be making the most of the Vegas casinos...

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Britney Spears is reportedly still negotiating her contract for a lucrative Las Vegas residency, but according to sources part of the deal is that the superstar will absolutely not be allowed to gamble or spend her millions in the party city.

Rumours about the singers' planned residence in Vegas have been mouting for months and with negotiations said to be nearing an end, insiders have revealed that Britney has allegedly been hit with some strict rules once she does land in the Nevada city:

“Britney’s absolutely not allowed to gamble,” the source tells In Touch "And “she can’t bring anyone back to her suite at the casino." Does that include Britney's rumoured new boyfriend, we wonder?

The singer can still enjoy a little window shopping in the city's designer boutiques though BUT the sources claims that she won't have unlimited funds:

“She has limits as to what she can spend. For anything more than that, she needs special permission — so there will be no impulse shopping,”

Strict rules: Britney Spears has reportedly been handed a set of strict rules whilst in Vegas (WENN)

"[Britney] has to have a handler or security with her at all times,” which means no alone time for the singer. “She even has a curfew," the source adds, “They really are going to be monitoring her behavior and moods to make sure she is feeling okay and ready for the hard hours of work she needs to put in each night.”

Whilst Britney's plans are still up in the air, British superstar DJ Calvin Harris has confirmed his plans to perform a whopping 46 dates in Vegas this Spring.

The Grammy-winning DJ will stay at Nightclub Hakkasan in Las Vegas, opening in April at MGM's Grand Hotel & Casino.

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